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Please note that all supplier and government (national and international) Covid-19 policies can vary significantly and change regularly.

Suppliers such as airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour operator and other service providers all may maintain their own policies which may vary between suppliers. It is a client’s responsibility to ensure they are compliant with the most up to date COVID-19 policy including but not limited to; vaccination, Covid testing and Quarantine requirements as they apply to each destination and supplier involved in the itinerary. Adherence to Covid testing requirement is at a client’s own expense and may be required at multiple times prior, during and after travel. Quarantine requirements vary and may apply after arrival in a destination and upon arrival back to New Zealand. Any quarantine expenses incurred are the responsibility of the client. Conditions for testing and quarantine may change and non-compliance to current procedure may impact your ability to travel. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is becoming an increasingly common requirement of many suppliers and governments. The method of proving vaccination may vary and it is important to ensure your you are in possession of the correct documentation for the destinations and suppliers involved in your travel.

Important – please read the following information carefully before making a booking.

1. Quotations and subsequent services

All quotations and services supplied by Sporting tours are subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

I. Sporting Tours undertakes to arrange and coordinate your travel, accommodation, entertainment, activities and ancillary services and to make bookings and issue tickets and vouchers to be redeemed by suppliers.
ii. Sporting Tours undertakes to exercise reasonable care and skill in carrying out the above services and in its selection of
Carriers, accommodation, side trip and activity suppliers.
iii. Sporting Tours acknowledges that it is bound by the statutory guarantees of the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993, except where Sporting Tours services are acquired and held out as being acquired for the purpose of a business for which they do not apply.
iv. Sporting Tours is the agent for and not the provider of the services and products (“services”) supplied by airlines, tour operators, hoteliers, car rental providers and other services (“Service Providers”). As such, all contractual arrangements for such services are supplied by Sporting Tours strictly as an agent for and on behalf of the Service Providers.
All tickets, vouchers, coupons and other services orders are issued by Sporting Tours any subject to the general terms and conditions applying to Sporting Tours transactions and according to the terms and conditions under which the transportation, accommodation, activities, entertainment or other services or products are supplied.
v. All contracts issued by Service Providers shall, unless inconsistent with the law of New Zealand, constitute the sole agreement relevant to the supply of the particular service or product and shall be governed by the terms and conditions of that Service Provider, subject always to the applicable law in the country in which the service or product is supplied.
vi. Since all travel, accommodation, facilities and services arranged on your behalf by Sporting Tours are supplied directly by others, has no control over these services or facilities or the manner of their provision. Sporting Tours will however use its best endeavours to ensure that each service, facility or manner of provision meets the requirements you have specified.
vii. For the reasons listed above, Sporting Tours cannot accept liability for loss of any kind arising from any act, omission or default on the part of Service Providers, as referred to in iv. Above. In addition, Sporting Tours cannot accept responsibility
For any loss caused by Acts of God or force majeure such as (but not restricted to) weather disruptions, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, wars, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, pilferage, medical or customs regulations or requirements.
viii. Since travel is an individual experience and individual satisfaction can be affected by so many circumstances beyond Sporting Tours control (e.g. the weather) Sporting Tours cannot be held responsible if any particular aspect of your trip does not meet your expectations.
ix. Should part of your booking include adventure activity, Sporting Tours will take reasonable care and skill in selecting the operator to ensure the safety and enjoyment of tour participants. Any adventure activity has some measure of risk and all bookings are therefore made on the condition that you will accept those risks and acknowledge that neither, Sporting Tours nor any of its officers, employees, agents, subcontractors nor your fellow passengers shall be liable
in any way whatsoever for any injury, loss, damage or claim of any kind, whether to person or property direct or consequential or compensatory, no matter how the same is caused.
2. Prices
All Sporting Tours quotes or estimates are provided on the understanding that any increases including exchange variances and the costs of Service Providers are beyond Sporting Tours control. If you have paid a deposit, Sporting Tours will contact you without delay to advise you of any increases. Service Providers may increase their prices until the date of utilisation of the service and as their agent Sporting Tours reserves the right to collect the additional amount required from you to recover these increases. All extras not specified or itemised in your booking as part of the services or products supplied are to be paid by you directly to the supplier. These extras may include the cost of meals, laundry, telephone, insurance, sightseeing, taxes, passport and visa fees. Price guarantee schemes are available: please discuss these with your Sporting Tours consultant.
Prices quoted are based on cash, cheque or eftpos and if paying by credit card please advise the consultant.

3. Deposits and payments
A minimum deposit of $650 per person is required to confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The deposit is part payment of the full price. Upon receipt of the deposit, Sporting Tours will make the necessary reservations for you. Certain suppliers may also require an additional deposit or booking fee before accepting a reservation: when this occurs your Sporting Tours consultant will advise you without delay. Your Sporting Tours consultant will also advise you of the date required for full payment. If this date is within 10 days of departure, payment is required by bank cheque, cash or eftpos. Bookings made within 24 hours of departure incur an urgent booking fee. Please let your Sporting Tours consultant know if you wish to pay by credit card as Sporting Tours may be unable to accept payment for certain travel services by credit card.

4. Documentation
Documentation will be ordered after payment has been received in full. Documentation is generally not prepared earlier than four weeks prior to departure.

5. Amendments and cancellations

If for any reason, even if this is beyond your control, travel arrangements are cancelled, the following applies: Where refunds are provided in full by our Service Provider(s), we will pay you in full excluding any commissions paid to us by our suppliers for our services provided and any additional or cancellation fees which may be charged. Changes to your booking may attract charges for the extra work and time required. These charges are in addition to any charges for amendments that may be charged by suppliers: the amount of each supplier’s cancellation or amendment fee is beyond Sporting Tours control and payment is solely your responsibility. These cancellation fees are in addition to any cancellation charges that may be charged by Service Providers holding reservations/bookings. For cancellations prior to full payment, non-refundable deposits will be forfeited.

We recommend travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances, which may cover re-imbursement of any fees incurred.

6. Refunds

If through choice or circumstances you do not avail yourself of any part of the arranged travel services or activities, you may be entitled to a refund, depending upon the refund policies and conditions stated by the Service Provider(s). To enable Sporting Tours to assist you with seeking a refund, you must apply for refunds within ten days of completion of your travel arrangements where possible, provide the original unused tickets or vouchers or, where possible, have written confirmation from the service provider(s) that the service was not availed and a refund is due. Sporting Tours may charge a fee for obtaining a refund on your behalf. In addition, we may exclude any commissions paid to us by our suppliers for our services provided and any additional fees relating to your booking.

7. Claims and redress
If you have an experience during your trip which is not to your satisfaction, Sporting Tours strongly recommends that you take the matter up with the Service Provider concerned at the time or as soon as practicable thereafter. Any claims in connection with services provided by Sporting Tours will be governed by the laws of New Zealand; any claim or legal action against an overseas Service Provider will, in terms of its contract to supply, most likely be governed by the laws of its country. Please note that it is difficult (and in some countries impossible) to obtain redress after travel has been completed.

8. Urgent confirmation charges
Should you require Sporting Tours to obtain urgent confirmation of your travel booking(s) by telephoning our suppliers, a communication charge may be applied.

9. Travel Insurance
Sporting Tours strongly recommends that you take out fully comprehensive travel insurance cover. Sporting Tours insurance policy (subject to policy conditions) covers you for cancellations due to unforeseen events, medical costs, luggage, money, and rental car excess etc. No items other than those specifically referred to are included in the quotation/ estimate: your Sporting Tours consultant will provide you with a quotation for the most suitable options. Sporting Tours accepts no responsibility for any loss caused through nil or insufficient insurance cover if you decline our recommended policy. Please refer to Customer declaration.

10. Government departure and airport charges.
All government taxes and levies are included in the price of your airline tickets. Please note that some countries also levy, airport or border taxes which must be paid direct.

11. Passports and visas
All travel beyond New Zealand requires a valid passport and for some countries, a valid visa. Many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after the expected date of your return. Passport, visa and health requirements (Including inoculations where applicable) for your particular trip are basically your responsibility but your Sporting Tours consultant can assist with advice. A small charge will be made to handle your passport and visa applications. Sporting Tours accepts no responsibility regarding your passport(s), visa(s), and re-entry documentation and vaccination requirements if you do not produce your passport(s). Please note: that due to recent security restrictions it is vital that you advise us of any criminal convictions, including serious traffic offences, before confirming overseas travel arrangements. Please be aware that unpaid fines could prevent you from travelling overseas. Refer to We will not accept any responsibility for refused entry to a country when you have not informed us of your criminal status.

12. Frequent Flyer Membership
Your Sporting Tours consultant can enter your airline Frequent Flyer/Mileage membership numbers into your reservation: please provide these details. You should also retain boarding passes and ticket copies after travel in case the airline does not record your data correctly. Sporting Tours accepts no responsibility for airline errors or defaults in honouring Frequent Flyer programmes.